Precious Gifts

God always gives us precious gifts. Some are obvious and others are hidden by what we choose to see. The most important and precious gift is Jesus. Not everyone sees Him as a gift or as He really is, the one and only Son of God. The only one who loved us so much that He would die in our place for our forgiveness and redemption. But, that is the blindness that affects those who are spiritually lost and empty.

There are other precious gifts such as genuine friends. The ones who never give up. The ones who may be physically separated from us for years, but, when we see each other, its like it was yesterday. The kind of friend who doesn't blame or accuse or judge. The friend who listens and loves and may give advise, but, it never seems like advise... This kind of friend loves without limits and cares without complaint. My heart is very wealthy because of my amazing friends. Many I have known for over 30-40 years. I met them during high school, college, career and some are family :)!

But some precious gifts are seemingly temporary but end up being for life. We have cared for over 200 children since January 2008. Some left because they just wanted to get married, gave up on school or just wanted to be back on the street to do whatever they wanted without rules. Almost all of them have come by at some point saying how tough it was and how they had so many regrets. But all, when I see them still call me Daddy. That's often heart breaking as I see their pain and struggle. However, I still try to encourage them to find a fresh vision and live inspired by God's love in Christ. Children are precious gifts.

Now, almost 12 years since we started a new generation is with us at the children's home. This new generation of elementary age children have never lived on the street. Even the 16 new children, that the government brought to us in January, came because one of their parents went to the social work probation officer begging for help. So the challenges have changed. The 'first generation' was abandoned, physically hungry and desperate. This generation is different. Most importantly all 42 children from ages 7 to 15 do not have a personal faith in Christ. The majority of the 'first generation' came to faith in Christ in 2008, then about 50 were saved between 2012 – 2015 as they got older. Now God has reminded us to keep the most important issue number one – the gospel! So we pray and we share and we illustrate and we teach and we pray again and again. No emotional invitations. No pressure just truth. Because, the most important calling in life is to pass on our faith to the generations to come so that not one is lost...

I pray that you are passing on your faith in Jesus to those precious gifts God has given you, friends, family and children. Thank you for praying for our children and our staff. 11 are now in college, 3 in nursing school and over 50 in high school plus those 42 precious souls who need Jesus.

God Bless you,