Volunteer with ISA 117!

We love visitors, and so do our kids and are always looking for extra hands to help!

Generally we like to find out from a volunteer what area of ‘work’ might interest them the most. That said, we are not always able to provide the exact job that a volunteer might want to do. We want your time with us to be productive, beneficial and enjoyable for everyone. Volunteer work can be things like:

  • Reading to children 
  • Helping out around the grounds/guesthouse 
  • Painting & construction
  • Gardening & landscaping
  • Running activities/games
  • Cooking or cleaning

From time to time visitors want to run or assist in special projects. Some volunteers even choose to fund raise for specific projects before coming out to visit us. It is very important that these projects be discussed with/approved by a member of our Board first. Unfortunately we are not always able to implement projects the way that you might suggest; we will always try to communicate the reasoning for this to you as best as possible; we ask for your understanding in this.

All expenses are paid for by the volunteer and/or your sending community. Your time in Uganda will be beautiful and challenging all at the same time. You will be greeted by smiles and geckos, an un-airconditioned house full of happy hearts and thankful souls! 

If you or your church or family or community would like to set up a time to come visit us please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly. 

Please review our: Team Member Manual before you submit the form below to ensure that you are comfortable abiding by the ISA 117 guidelines. Thank you!


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