Farm Sustainability

Our farm is currently 5 acres, (with another 5 acres available next to it!) and about 8 miles from the children's home. We planted 3 acres of corn and 2 acres of beans in 2009.  However, because we did not have anyone watching it, our neighbors took most of the crop.  So, we believe the first step to making it part of our sustainability work, is, to fence the 5 acres and build a small house in the center for a family to oversee the land.  We already have over 400 coffee trees, one picture is Joseph after planting his tree.  In the future we would like to add cows and pigs as well as some small crops. 
Our hen laying/egg project is at the children's house and is doing very well! 


Perimeter fence (security): $5,000
Small House for family (staff): $15,000
Water well: $3,500
Animals and pens: $11,500 (including feed and start-up for first 3 months)

There is an additional 5 acres that is available for purchase.  This land is adjacent to our current 5 acre farm in a nearby village and could be fenced in together with the other 5 acres we currently own. The additional 5 acres would be used for cattle, goats and pigs. This could be a great revenue source for the children's home and would require a full time staff family to care for the animals and work the crops.  The children could help for a couple of weeks during school breaks. The additional cost for purchasing this land is $4,200.