Hello Everyone :)!

HOPE, is something we cannot live without, we are told.  For us at ISA117, HOPE, means more than dreams or goals for the future.  It is embodied by the acrostic God inspired in January 2008.  H- His, O- Offer, P- Peace for, E- Eternity.  Its really cool that this is reflected through the lives of our children in Iganga.  Every evening, about 7 pm, the kids, unscripted and unprompted, organize worship.  They sing and pray and one older child, or myself, will share a message from the Bible.  It is the most amazing thing to see my kids do this not from instructions or compulsion – just love for Jesus and worship to God.

I don’t use the phrase ‘my kids’ lightly.  They not only call me ‘Dad’ (Baba, in our local language), but, come to me with everything from a scrape on their leg to a broken heart from struggles in school.  I love them and they love me unconditionally.

That's why I am so anxious to get back home.  I miss my children and they miss me.  That is what I hear from them all the time and I cannot wait to celebrate with them my homecoming!  The joy is unmistakable in our culture there when we see family that has been away.  Its too cool :)!!!  

Please pray for and with us as we look forward to building a new school, library and a new clinic for our children and our neighbors :)!  God is so faithful and gracious and we worship and adore Him for He is our HOPE :)!!!

Blessings to you all :)!
Philip Jones
Volunteer and Dad