Christmas at HOPE

Merry Christmas our dear friends :)!

We are so thankful for the precious gift of Jesus :)!!!  Thankful for God’s redemption plan that included you and me and billions more!  Thank you all so much for your prayers and continued support for the gospel in Uganda :)!  Our children are so grateful for you and your prayers.

School is out and everyone is off to visit family and friends here.  It’s still crazy busy as I try to get things repaired and our van ‘legal’.  We are required to have a special license that is renewed annually.  That also includes an inspection and at this moment our van would not pass its exam :)!  Today I got the windshield replaced and the seats welded down again.  Tomorrow a few small things to repair and I pray we can get to Kampala on Wednesday, God willing :).  Been working out of pocket on all this but God is Faithful :)! 

This is the Promise and the Anchor we are holding - Him.  He is faithful and true - Hallelujah!  When we seek him in prayer and spend time in His Word, He makes our thoughts on Him and His promises.  He causes all the anxiety, fear and depression to fade away.  (Philippians 4:6-8)  That’s why, in spite of our extremely desperate situation, we believe and rejoice!  Crazy huh?

I love the spirit of rejoicing in our children and our worship services here.  It’s a paradox to most people who visit us.  They cannot get over how our children can be so happy and joyful when they have nothing, truly nothing - but - they are loved!  And it so ‘bursts the bubble’ for most people that when we take them to the airport, they cannot stop crying.  

Our Christmas celebration, for example, would blow your mind.  Worship service at church on Christmas morning, a really big Christmas dinner and supper and one set of ‘Christmas’ clothes (one outfit) is our cultural definition of a fantastic Christmas.  Not toys, or long trips or a binge watch of tv shows.  No Santa or tree or loads of gifts, just worship, food and one outfit.  And the joy is over the top!  

So, please pray with us that all that will come together.  Loads of other requests fill our prayer lists, like our debt, work permit and rent, but, this is the most important.  We trust that God will inspire you all the way through the Christmas season to celebrate Him with us.  

(This photo is a picture of Christmas from the recent past.  Most of the kids are still in their Christmas clothes and had just finished lunch.  Supper was waiting :)!)