School Building Plan!

Currently our kids walk down the road to school. Our dream is to build a school building on the property next to our home and allow all village children to come to school. Village children will be required to pay their tuition which will in time cover our kid's tuition and all teacher's salaries. If we are able to build a sustainable school program then we can free up the money currently paying our children's tuition and put that towards other important needs (such as medical, university and job training). 

School Plans + Budget

Plot 80' X 60'       = $  5,000 adjoining land to give adequate space.

Buildings (12 classrooms (2 story building) and 1 library - classrooms 24x24 and library 15x30) 

7,362 sq ft X $11 = $81,000 (80,982)

Solar power          = $  4,000

Desks/chairs       = $  5,000

Books/materials  = $  5,000

Salaries Jan/Feb = $   5,200 (teachers, admin and support staff)

Total est cost.      = $105,200 + 4,800 overages: changes in cost of materials